Widdle Wutathe Pomsky

Wuta'sWagging Tales

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A Few Words About Wuta

Born in Oct 2020, Widdle Wuta is a gorgeous Pomsky with blue-merle coat and stunning blue eyes. She loves to “talk” and meet people!

As a Pomsky, she is half Pomeranian and half Siberian Husky. Learn more about Pomskies

Woofin' Good News

Wuta loves to share when great things happen to her! Make sure to follow her on your favorite platform or subscribe to her blog!

Adventures Near & Far

Join Wuta on her adventures around town and around the world! She loves to share details about her day and her big adventures!

Wuta's Loves

People, dogs, toys, and food... Wuta has an opinion about it all! She loves to make sure we all know about her favorites!

Fluffy & Fantastic

Wuta has many quirks as a Pomsky with lots to share about health, training, and general canine fun!

Wuta Shares All

Pawesome Products

Wuta has a wide-range of fun shirts, bags, and other items with her cute face and fun sentiments that can be purchased through her store and she recommends some of her favorite items that you can buy from other great retailers.

Always Photogenic

Widdle Wuta always takes a great picture including silly, sweet, sleeping... all aspects captured always look great!